04 April 2012


(top, skirt and shoes from Forever 21, socks from H&M) Hype this look here

This has got to be one of my favorite outfits. I've worn this out a few times already actually. At first, I had a hard time pairing up the skirt but luckily when I went back to Forever 21 with my friends I saw the top and I instantly bought it. For the shoes, those are actually my first pair of heels hihi. I don't really wear them out because I look freakishly tall in them LOL. I reach around 5'9" when I wear those shoes but hopefully I get to wear them out more soon.

Anyway, the heat in Manila is crazy hot. I can't last an hour outside without sweating so much. I really hate the feeling and it makes me feel icky. Luckily, my top is sheer and light so I can still wear it out even on days like this. I wish the temperature here goes down.


  1. Your lace skirt is amazing !! So delicate and cute <3
    And your shoes are rally great too, love them !



  2. your outfit looks so adorable romantic :-)

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The shoes + socks are great together!

    Hybrid Hunter
    will you follow me? :)

  4. Absolutely love that skirt! (:

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  5. What a gorgeous little outfit! One of my favorites from you <3 And I envy your petite frame! I can never pull tiny skirts like those off.

    xx www.littleforestgirl.net

  6. I absolutely like this one! :)

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