10 March 2014


Hi everyone! This is just to let you know that I have moved blogging platforms. I am now using Wordpress. The URL is still http://sartorialust.net

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25 February 2014


Top - G2000. Shorts - Cotton On.
Not so long ago, Bea discovered this neat little hideout encapsulated with bougainvillea. Unfortunately, the bush had already died so all the leaves were scattered across the floor though it still made a pretty sight (as seen in the photo above). Playing in the bed of leaves was quite fun and felt a childhood memory of playing with fallen leaves during Fall season which I obviously never had - what with being in a tropical country with only two seasons and whatnot.

Photos by Bea

14 February 2014


Faux leather jacket - Hong Kong. Slip dress and boots - Topshop. 
Rather than wearing an outfit with the usual red or pink colour scheme for Valentine's Day - because let's face it, it's pretty cliche - I decided to go for a darker palette. Since it's been quite chilly lately, I decided to throw on my pleather jacket and also to avoid looking too sultry because slip dresses do just that. I also collaborated with Abraham who's a fellow blogger (whose blog you should totes check out like, now) and good friend of mine for today's post by cross coordinating our outfits! One of my talented friends, Aquinna, also did my make-up for today. It was loads of fun and I hope I get to collaborate with other bloggers more often. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Eat your heart out, watch movies, don't be lonely!

Photos by Aquinna

28 January 2014


Cropped sweater - Bershka. Button down - Banana Republic. Pleather shorts - Cotton On. Chelsea boots - Topshop.
Being scolded by a guard and telling my sister and I to leave because apparently shooting in front of a door is illegal (or not). Or maybe I should take it as a sign to stick with my neighbors garage doors. How can you not make this your backdrop though? Just look at that gorgeous yellow colour. It looks so rich in photos and may or may not give slight eyegasm. On the brightside, at least we were able to steal a few good shots before we were shoo-ed away like a fly. Can we also talk about how good the weather has been here lately? Thank you, weather gods for the chilly weather and for allowing us to wear light layers without having a sweatfest.

26 January 2014


Here's a little guide to help you if you're planning to have a wardrobe makeover. I've listed a few must-haves in your wardrobe. Keep these in mind when you'll go out shopping as it'll help build your wardrobe and you can continue doing so from then on. I'll also include the shops that I recommend you go to when looking for these items. Remember, it's only a recommendation so you don't necessarily have to buy it in that certain store.

Plain tees - Get a few oversized ones in white, black and gray. They're really comfy and go with literally everything. It's great to stock up on these. Also try buying ones in different textures. They make a huge difference, trust me.
Where to find: H&M. Acne. ASOS. Topshop.

Camisoles - Whether you get the plain or printed ones, it'll still look really cute! Perfect for hot summer days.
Where to find: Topshop. ASOS.

Black jeans - I own a pair of H&M and I wear them all the time. They're really versatile so whatever you pair it up with, your outfit would still look good!
Where to find: H&M. Acne. Topshop.

Distressed baggies/boyfriend jeans - I personally love the ripped ones because they have this edgy feel to it. They're great to throw on during your lazy days. They make it seem like you spent a lot of time on your outfit when you really didn't. Just pair it with a plain white tee, sunglasses and chunky sandals and you're good to go! I'm currently eyeing a pair from One Teaspoon.
Where to find: One Teaspoon. Stradivarius. Topshop. Nasty Gal. ASOS.

Boots - Chelsea boots. Comfy and versatile. Need I say more?
Where to find: ASOS. Topshop. Doc Martens.

Chunky Sandals - Seeing them all over Tumblr made me fall in love with them. Windsor Smith makes the best ones though they're pretty pricey. I haven't seen any other brand who sells chunky sandals but if I do, I'll let you guys know!
Where to find: Windsor Smith. Jeffrey Campbell. ASOS.

Sneakers - I absolutely love my pair from Converse and wear them all the time. Superga also makes really nice ones.
Where to find: Converse. Superga. ASOS.

Sunglasses - These are your best friend when you're too lazy to fix yourself up or running late for something. They instantly cover up tired eyes and make you look sassy. *z-snap*
Where to find: Sunnies by Charlie. ASOS. Nasty Gal.

Skinny rings - Ones with various circumferences are the best because you can experiment with them when stacking on your fingers. These are usually sold in sets. I recommend getting a set of plain ones and another set of detailed/designed ones.
Where to find: H&M. ASOS. Nasty Gal.