20 October 2014

10 March 2014


Hi everyone! This is just to let you know that I have moved blogging platforms. I am now using Wordpress. The URL is still http://sartorialust.net

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25 February 2014


Top - G2000. Shorts - Cotton On.
Not so long ago, Bea discovered this neat little hideout encapsulated with bougainvillea. Unfortunately, the bush had already died so all the leaves were scattered across the floor though it still made a pretty sight (as seen in the photo above). Playing in the bed of leaves was quite fun and felt a childhood memory of playing with fallen leaves during Fall season which I obviously never had - what with being in a tropical country with only two seasons and whatnot.

Photos by Bea

14 February 2014


Faux leather jacket - Hong Kong. Slip dress and boots - Topshop. 
Rather than wearing an outfit with the usual red or pink colour scheme for Valentine's Day - because let's face it, it's pretty cliche - I decided to go for a darker palette. Since it's been quite chilly lately, I decided to throw on my pleather jacket and also to avoid looking too sultry because slip dresses do just that. I also collaborated with Abraham who's a fellow blogger (whose blog you should totes check out like, now) and good friend of mine for today's post by cross coordinating our outfits! One of my talented friends, Aquinna, also did my make-up for today. It was loads of fun and I hope I get to collaborate with other bloggers more often. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Eat your heart out, watch movies, don't be lonely!

Photos by Aquinna